Tacoma Seattle Search Engine Optimization

Seattle SEO Tacoma, or Worldwide Search Engine Optimization?

Puyallup seo tacoma seattle
Is local or national search engine optimization
best for your company? Maybe both?

So what's the difference between local search engine optimization and national search engine optimization?

Well, for one, it's much easier (and less expensive) to get your web site page one on Google for "Puyallup Web Design" versus just "Web Design."

There are certain things we do for every site we optimize.

For local optimization, we:

  • Research local competition
  • Redesign pages for organic optimization
  • Monitor your site's progress weekly
  • Send you monthly reports to show standings of your chosen keywords
  • And more.

Get started today.

For national optimization, we add in:

  • Full market analysis
  • Full keyword analysis
  • Google Adwords account
  • Add your site to cooperative directories
  • Work with your to add advantageous linking
  • and more.