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125,000 people looked for products and/or services over the internet each day in January 2012. Now over 500,000 search every minute.

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SEO Search engine optimization

Intra-Designs is an industry leader in Search Engine Optimization.

We do not say that to boast, but to give you peace of mind. We have been serving businesses across the US since 1995.

We at Intra-Designs take a systematic approach to search engine optimization. When you invest in SEO with us, we:

  • Get your site on page 1 in the major search engines (Bing, Google)
  • Provide search engine submissions (over 10,000 search engines and directories)
  • Redesign your site and optimize it for search engines
  • Set up proper META tags and keywords
  • Research the search behavior of your target audience.
  • Set up organic (or natural) SEO to help lower long-term costs.
  • Link popularity integration
  • Work on your site weekly to keep it optimized
  • and much more...

SEO Search engine optimization
Do not wait, the faster we get started
, the faster we can get people finding your products and service. The problem is how to get in front of your potential customers... the solution is Intra-Designs.